Product Description of Caliburn A2

Product Description of Caliburn A2

As a company that is always pushed and inspired by innovation, The Caliburn A2 has a different feel and flavor to it, there are some differences within this Caliburn A2. Prior to this product, UWELL  had released two different Caliburn products, the Caliburn GK2 and the Caliburn G. Both products have great features and was generally accepted by the public. The main difference in the design of the Caliburn A2 in relation to other Caliburn products is the button design around the airflow area.


With two other products doing very well in the market, UWELL did not need any new introduction into the market. People already loved their products and trusted the brand. Since it is a leader in new creative ideas, this brand wasted no time in creating the Caliburn A2. The Caliburn A2 vape pen is a new system that works perfectly for new people who vape. The beginners may not understand the auto vape system in other vapes, but with a button, it is easy to use this type of vape. It also works with the drawing technology, so experts will not have a problem. It's almost impossible for the experts who already have their specific and most comfortable products to switch without knowing what they want to switch. Let's take a close look at the specifications and features of the Caliburn A2;

Specifications of the Caliburn A2

Some of the exciting specifications of the Caliburn A2 include;

  • The primary material around it is aluminum alloy.
  • It can take up to 2mL of the e-liquid.
  • You have six color options with the vape, so you can choose based on what you want.
  • It has a portable size with dimensions of 110.1mm x 21.33 x 11.7mm. It weighs about 31 grams.
  • It has a battery of around 520mAh, but its output voltage is around 15 watts.

How to Use it

The A2 is a pod created explicitly for the purpose of helping beginners in the game. Hence, its operation does not exactly require a lot of complicated processes. The top fill of the Caliburn A2 is the same design as the previous options, so all you need to do is remove the mouthpiece gently to remove that part. After that, you now insert your e-juice bottle and put it into the hole. The device will come on after five clicks, and the same amount of clicks put it off. You can either use the traditional method of pulling for a vape, but if you want something warmer, you can use the button.


The UWELL Caliburn A2 is one of the best vaping products out in the market with many prospects. It may not have one unique new technology within its build and design, but it is still a fantastic vape option. The main difference in this product that will surprise you is the design of the airflow. UWELL had a special MTL-RDL airflow that they designed in time past, which was a good structure. The new design enables you to vape by pressing a button, delivering great taste and a warm feeling per vape.