Tips on Keeping Your Workout Jumpsuit Clean and Odor Free

Tips on Keeping Your Workout Jumpsuit Clean and Odor Free

You would be partially correct in assuming that your stinky, sweat-stained gym clothes are evidence of a hard workout. A foul odor may be a sign that you've worked hard at the gym, but it's not just your sweat that's leaving a mark. There are also bacteria, dead skin cells, and salt that can all contribute to unpleasant odors and set-in stains. Finally, there's sebum.

What, then, is sebum? Sebum is a waxy fat that gets stuck in the fibers of your workout clothes, leading to odor and staining. That's why it's crucial to be familiar with methods for washing and deodorizing exercise apparel and removing sweat stains. Melting sebum occurs during a hot wash, but most performance wear is made of synthetic fibers, which must be washed in cold water.

Moisture-wicking synthetics have channels and grooves that trap body soil, which only makes the odor problem worse. It's not just you, you know. Fabrics that easily absorb odors are to blame for the bad smell. A plan is necessary to lessen the amount of odor, remove sweat stains, and restore the clean, fresh scent to your performance wear.

Even though performance fabrics help you keep cool and have a full range of motion during your workout, they quickly become a breeding ground for unpleasant odors once you're done. Leaving your sweat-soaked clothes in a heap or hamper allows bacteria to breed, which can lead to lingering and unpleasant odors. If you don't wash them right away, they'll get stinky and maybe even moldy, which can be very unpleasant to you.

In addition, sweat stains are much more difficult to remove from workout clothes if you wait too long between washings.

How to Remove Sweat Stains on Workout Jumpsuit

Yellow and grey stains are especially noticeable on a white and light-colored workout romper, which can be embarrassing both visually and olfactorily. Keep in mind that most workout wear is made from synthetic fibers, which must be washed in cold water. Since you won't have any hot water to help you out, you'll need to pre-treat the sweat stains on your workout clothes before washing them. Learning how to get rid of sweat stains before they set will keep your workout clothes smelling and looking like new for much longer.

In order to remove sweat stains from white or light-colored workout gear, try these methods:

  • Stains on clothing can be diluted by rinsing them for five minutes in warm water.
  • Get some water and wring out the garments.
  • Use a paste of baking soda and water, detergent and white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide to pre-treat the stain.
  • It's recommended that you give the stain remover 30 minutes to work.
  • Do your laundry for your workout gear in cold water, using regular detergent.

Don't put the garments in the dryer until you've double-checked that the stain is completely gone. Doing so could permanently set the stain.

The same methods for removing sweat stains from light-colored workout wear should be used for dark-colored workout wear. But, skip using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent and therefore can ruin dark colors.

Once you've mastered the art of removing sweat stains, it's time to give your workout attire a thorough cleaning.