Todco Door Center Hinge is the Backbone of Your Truck Doors

Todco Door Center Hinge is the Backbone of Your Truck Doors

The clean operation of your container truck's roll-up door is based closely on an important factor: the hinge. Todco door hinges are famed for their strength, sturdiness, and capacity to keep your shipment steady. Among these important elements, the Todco Style 61196 Truck Door Center Hinge sticks out as a cornerstone of reliability and sturdiness.

Efficient trucking operations rely on each element, from the engine to the hinges. The todco hinge is a true example of function, ensuring a better living for the users and employers. So let’s focus on the roles and the advantages this factor plays in your truck.

Understanding Todco Door Hinges

Todco hinges are specially manufactured for the specific roll-up door in container trucks. Unlike traditional door hinges, they enable door sections to be curved and linked together to provide a seamless swivel operation.

The Door Hinges can be Divided into Two Types.

  • Center Hinge: The hinge, which is just near the pointed center and can be found along the sides of the door, ensures smooth movement by rolling the curtains up on a track.
  • End Hinge: The hinges, which are fixed at the very ends of the door hinge, shoulder the duty of securing the door against the truck body and improving its stability.

Efficient Functioning for Extended Life

Todco's center pivot hinge has the power to transform roll-ups doors into an operation that is effortless and smooth, thus adding a new touch to the product. The pivot-point principle gives the driving door on your semi-truck its dependable, exact motion whether or not it is at the start or end of the hinge. It drives the general output and that`s why it`s good for productivity. The durability of this product is maintained through its robust, reliability even in the worst circumstances of work.

Product Highlights

Available with galvanized powder coating, the Todco Style 61196 roll up door center hinge is assembled with a recessed design for a secure fit.

  • Diamond Part # HINGES-1007
  • Toddco Part # 61196
  • Whiting Part # 4012

Choosing the Optimal Door Hinges

When choosing the door hinges for your truck, don’t miss out on these points:

  • Make sure you have the hinge to fit your door’s weight and elongation to avoid any risks and breakage.
  • What are the door’s configuration, the overall dimensions, and whether to install one of them to get it closed or two to open and close it?

Taking Care of Your Roll Up Door System

Although Todco door hinges are built to be durable proper maintenance is essential, for the performance of your roll up truck door. Here are a few extra suggestions;

  • Periodically check the hinges and adjacent components for any indications of wear or damage.
  • Use a lubricant designed for metal surfaces on the moving parts of the hinges.
  • Keep the hinges free of dust and debris buildup, which could restrict smooth operation.
  • Address any minor troubles promptly to prevent them from escalating into greater sizable issues.


In conclusion, the Todco Style 61196 Truck Door Center Hinge is an indispensable component for any truck proprietor or operator seeking to enhance the overall performance and sturdiness of their car. Its strong creation, smooth operation, and sturdiness make it a profitable investment for the lengthy haul. Upgrade your truck's hinges nowadays with Todco and revel in the difference in overall performance and reliability.